Boondock Ramblings

Faithfully Thinking: Is it true God only blesses you if you give money to the church? Can God be bought?

I was listening to a sermon Sunday and the sermon was good until the guest pastor got a little too excited in his bid to convince people to give to the year-end offering the church holds and said… Read More

When you are in the darkness keep your mouth shut.

Here is some advice I could have used before I rambled too much on my blog about this period of loneliness I’ve been in. At times God puts us through the discipline of darkness to teach us to… Read More

It’s not all just ‘in my head’. It’s in my uterus. But thank you for dismissing me.

I once had a couple of people (who most likely were well-meaning) tell me the anxiety I had, the worry, the exhaustion, the muscle aches, the overall body weakness – everything I had – was in my head… Read More

Why praying for the president – no matter who he or she is – doesn’t make you a bad person

You know the United States has reached a new level of crazy when Christians start flipping out on other Christians for praying for another person. It’s been happening for three years but I saw it again a couple… Read More