An afternoon chat and a cup of tea: More Mary Berry, rainy weather, cuddly cats, and molasses milk

 I really need a cup of tea again this week, though it might have been a slightly better week than last week.

I loved the teas that everyone shared with me that they were drinking last week. What are you drinking this week?

I think I was drinking cocoa and maple syrup last week instead of tea, but today I’m sipping a cup of peppermint tea with local honey stirred in.

The cold weather seems to be here to stay and we might receive some snow tomorrow, but so far our winter has remained mild. I’ve enjoyed staying inside as much as possible, covered with a blanket this week while I read or tried to figure out how to design journals and sell them on Amazon.

The only days we got out of the house for very long were a visit to my parents on Sunday and a dentist appointment an hour away for Little Miss.

It was raining and messy the day we went to the dentist appointment so we didn’t enjoy the view of the drive through the local state park on our way there. I was glad when we returned home and I was able to pull a blanket up around me and watch some Andy Griffith. The cats have been inside more often recently due to the weather.

Scout has decided she needs to visit my chest to touch her nose to mine and curl up a few times each day, including in the middle of the night a couple of times, which made me almost scream. She doesn’t seem happy with simply curling up at the end of the bed. She wants to walk up my chest and stick her nose in my face first and then she’ll go curl up somewhere else. She was practically thrown across the room one night because she woke me up and I thought a monster from one of my weird dreams was attacking me.

She is one of the few cats I have had that have let me pick them up and cuddle them, at least for a few moments anyhow. I mentioned this to my husband and he said, “Smokey used to let you pick her up.”

Smokey was one of the cats he had when we were dating. I inherited her, along with Squeek and my husband, when we got married. The issue is that Smokey really didn’t like me. She was The Husband’s cat. She loved The Husband. He could pet her on her nose and put her to sleep while she lay on his chest.

She hated me. At first she hated me. Later she tolerated me. Either way, she did not let me cuddle her.

“She let you cuddle her,” I reminded The Husband this morning. “Not me. I replaced her in your life and she hated me for that.”

The only time Smokey did like me was when I was lactating. She would rub up against my chest during that time. She was a milk fiend and loved when I would pour a little of my lactose-free milk for her in a plate or bowl. When that tradition started, she decided I was okay and she could like me a little bit. She lived 17 years and she did let me pet her, especially when I needed to comfort her after she went partially deaf and would sit in the middle of the living room floor and cry after her longtime companion, Squeek, died. I do miss that cat. Even if she wouldn’t let me cuddle her.

This afternoon Little Miss had gymnastics. She’s getting ready for a small competition at her studio in February. It will be her first. We are hoping she will wear her leotard because she doesn’t like wearing it during her weekly practices. She prefers to wear her stretch pants and a T-shirt instead.

Today, The Boy has a friend over to visit. They’ll talk about video games and whatever 16 and 17-year-olds talk about (sometimes it is a little frightening so I don’t listen. Ha!).  The Husband, Little Miss and I usually hide upstairs when he has friends over and watch shows on our laptops or read books. This gives the boys time to be boys and laugh about body sounds and similar things.

Seriously, though, these boys have quite a few serious conversations about history, dictatorships, economies of foreign countries, former presidents, various battles in various wars, and other topics which sometimes go over my head. My brain can’t really comprehend anything too complicated these days.

Recently, I have been craving simple things. Simple shows, books, food, and days. I can’t always have the simple days, but I try to take a small amount of time out of the day to read a book and drink something warm like a cup of tea or, like I did earlier this week, a cup of molasses milk.

When my dad had his knee surgery several years ago, his doctor required all of his patients to drink molasses milk for a certain number of days to raise their iron levels. I’m drinking the molasses milk for the same reason, hoping it will help either raise my iron or keep it at a good level. I find I feel better when I take iron capsules or increase my iron intake. I, of course, am using black strap molasses.

Earlier this week, after a particularly difficult day, I warmed up a cup of molasses milk, sat at our kitchen table, and opened up Anne’s House of Dreams by L.M. Montgomery. I forced myself to sit still for 15 minutes and read a couple of chapters and I found that I felt a lot more relaxed afterward. I love escaping into Anne’s world.

Listening to good music, such as worship music, or reading a devotional and saying a brief prayer, helps me in a similar way. I would like to do all of those things this weekend as I try to give my brain and body some much needed respite from recent stress.

How do you relax during a stressful time? Do you have to force yourself to relax like I do?

And what are you drinking today? Let me know in the comments.

Last week one reader was drinking a new cinnamon tea from The Republic of Tea, and another was drinking a loose-leaf flavored black tea called Florence by Harney and Sons.

8 thoughts on “An afternoon chat and a cup of tea: More Mary Berry, rainy weather, cuddly cats, and molasses milk

  1. I have never heard of Molasses milk. Never had a doctor recommend this, we have cold/sometimes cruel indifferent doctors here in our city. There are millions of people who live in this city so no country doctor types in our mixes that I have had. Wait, there was one but right before C one nine came he left our country and went back to his. He was really nice and actually tried healing his patients.

    My aunt (in her 80’s) told me that my grandfather had some condition where he had too much iron, and then another aunt of mine also would have this problem. Something about some members in our family having too much iron in their blood. I don’t know what she was talking about.

    I relax by watching my fish in a giant fish tank we have in our living room. They are so calming to watch. I have some fancy tail gold fish and their tails move in the water so slowly like a dance. IT is really calming.

    I’m drinking filtered and distilled water right now. I have stayed away from white sugar for two weeks now. So nothing with sugar like the lemonade I usually drink. Some medication I took for a lung infection caused some side effects that effected my esophagus and now I am trying to heal from that which can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks.

    No salt, no sugar, no spicy, or acid like, no fat, and nothing fried. I ate mostly Italian and Mexican foods before all this happened. It’s what I grew up on except the Italian. I didn’t start that until I married my Italian husband.

    Now my meals consist mostly of bland foods and soft foods with steamed veggies and some fruits.


  2. Oo what is that new tea you are drinking? I need to go look it up!

    “This gives the boys time to be boys and laugh about body sounds and similar things.” Wait they don’t grow out of that? LOL. Oh no!!

    That molasses milk sounds pretty good! My friend has super low iron levels, I am going to suggest that milk to her!


    • My tea was only boring peppermint but some other bloggers had some interesting teas I want to look up.

      I don’t know how much the milk helps, but I know black strap molasses is a good source.

      And no, they will not grow out of that. Sorry. lol.


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  4. I’m going to have to try the molasses milk. It actually sounds like a good way to get iron from molasses. My husband loves plain molasses. But that’s a little too strong for me! Maybe it can help a little when I’m having higher pain days. I’m praying blessings for you and your family!

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