Sunday Bookends: brain fog lifting, still a slow reader, and snowfall

Welcome to my weekly wrap-up where I share what I am reading, watching, writing, and doing.

What I’m Reading

I am reading so slow as usual, so I am still reading Anne of Avonlea in paperback and the fifth book in the Longmire series on Kindle.

I am also reading a daily devotional based on the writings of Corrie Tenboom and trying to toss a book by a friend, Max Sternberg, Rhise of Hope, the second book in his Darkness Overcome Series in there too.

Little Miss and I are reading Paddington, Here and Now at bedtime. For school, she and I are reading Freedom Crossing, a story about a young girl and her brother who are hiding a runaway slave boy during the mid-1800s.

The Boy finished Blood Brothers early last week and I still have to finish it. We will start a new book soon.

What’s Been Occurring

My recovery from Covid took a turn for the better this week.

My head cleared much more and best of all the internal vibrations stopped with only a few episodes in the second half of the week. They were pretty intense a couple times during the week and seemed to coincide with when I took my thyroid medication.

I’m not sure what to do about that since my general practitioner isn’t very helpful with that or many other things. I especially enjoyed how she laughed at me when I almost passed out at her office during my follow-up check-up, a week after I left the hospital.

Instead of admitting I might be having some physical issues left over from the virus, she seemed to chalk it all up to mental and thought snorting a laugh at me would make it all better, I suppose. We live in a rural area so finding a new doctor will be hard but necessary.

I had to back off the CBD oil I had been taking a little because the brand I ordered was making me severely nauseous. One reason for this might be because I was taking more of the oil than I needed (maybe) and possibly because the carrier oil the CBD is mixed with might be the actual issue.

I was so excited Friday to get out and take some photos of Little Miss playing in the snow. It wasn’t the snow or horribly cold temperature (24 with a windchill of 11) that excited me, but the fact my brain seemed to want to do something creative.

 I feel like my brain is waking up again and it’s a very nice feeling.

I’ve been afraid to get behind the wheel because of the trembling but this past week I drove to my parents (about five miles down the road) and then took Little Miss to Awana (a Christian youth group of sorts) to my parents’ church about 15 miles down the road. Most people wouldn’t see this as an accomplishment but after a month and a half of mostly trembling internally and feeling like my brain was trapped in a deep fog, this was a big deal to me.

What I’m Watching/Watched

This week I watched more of The Durrells in Corfu and Would I Lie to You.

The Boy and I watched The Truman Show (now that he is older we can watch some more mature movies. Turns out he really liked this one.)

My husband and I watched Music Box: Jagged, a documentary on Alanis Morissette. I liked her music a little when I was a teen, but I was never a huge, huge fan. The documentary was still very interesting. I learned a lot more than I wanted to about how young girls are treated in the entertainment industry, and it made me resolved to not let Little Miss go into the entertainment industry.

What I’m Writing

I wrote a few blog posts this week, including:

Tips For Anyone Who Catches Covid This Winter

Faithfully Thinking: Ought’n We Be Prepared For The Best Too?

Writing As Therapy

Fiction Friday: A New Chapter Chapter 15

Some Favorite Blog Posts from Around the Blog World

I’m also continuing to write more chapters in A New Chapter and hope to finish the first draft sometime in February.

So that’s my week in review. How was your week? What are you reading, watching, listening to or doing?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Bookends: brain fog lifting, still a slow reader, and snowfall

  1. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better! That’s terrible about your doctor. I don’t blame you for finding someone else. How rude!
    I love the photo of Little Miss throwing the snowball!

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  2. So glad to know you’re getting better! But, wow, I can’t believe your doctor. I hope you find a much better one soon. The snow looks like so much fun! We had a ton of unexpected snow in the mountains we hoped to take our kids to, but everyone had the same idea so it was unsafe to both be around so many people and to just drive and try to park somewhere.

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    • I can’t stand the cold and snow but I like looking at it and I like watching my kids play in it. This week it isn’t going to get much higher than 20 degrees most of the week so I doubt even my daughter will want to play on what we have left of it.

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    • Yeah. That was a strange moment. I was very, very, lightheaded and dizzy for up to two weeks after I got out of the hospital. I had to go from the chair to the table and I just felt super, super unsteady. Instead of thinking that maybe I might still be dehydrated or have another medical issue going on, she just said, “Really? Going that far is making you dizzy?” Like I was lying or being over dramatic. Not a lot of compassion there. More like superiority. The nurses are very kind, however, and it’s the clinic closest to us. I would have been angry but I was so shaky and dizzy I just wanted to get out of there so I thanked her for all her help and took off.


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