Sunday Bookends: Unconvential shows and movies, dairy parades, and new book covers

 Welcome to my weekly post where I recap my week by writing about what I’ve been reading, watching, writing, doing, and sometimes what I’ve been listening to.

What I’m Reading

This week I finished More Than Honor by Carol Ashby. It was a Biblical fiction/Roman historical fiction book and very intriguing. It was well written but the time frame was a bit unrealistic for me, if I read it right, and the story wrapped up much too soon for me. It appeared that the book was supposed to only have happened in a week, but some of the headers suggested it had actually been more than a week. I really don’t believe some of what happened would have actually happened in a week. The characters were so rich, though, I was able to overlook the difficulty with the timeline.

Carol writes a series of books and continues the stories in other books. I’m sure I’ll be picking up another one of her books.

I am continuing Sarah’s Choice by Pegg Thomas, which I am reading before it is released in August to provide a review for the author. It is very good and I’m sure it will be a popular book when it is released.

I’m also reading The Heart Knows the Way Home by Christy Distler and Promises Kept, an Advanced Reader Copy by Jodi Allen Brice. I hope to finish at least two of these books this week so I can start Plot Twist by Bethany Turner and The Edge of Belonging by Amanda Cox.

What’s Been Occurring

Saturday was our county’s dairy parade. Yes, we live in an area that still holds dairy parades and celebrations. The celebration was very small, with only a few booths up downtown. The library hosted a magician for their summer reading program and he did a great job. He was in a very small room which made his slight-of-hand magic even more impressive to me. Many of the adults were as impressed as the children.

Afterward, Little Miss wanted to meet him and tell him about her stuffed kitten, Mittens, so we went up to him. He was sweet and attentive and seemed a little taken aback when she announced that our kitten, Scout, is a polydactyl cat, adding that means she has extra toes. I don’t think he expected such a large word to come out of such a tiny little girl.

The parade was in the evening and the sky darkened up and rain let loose as the parade started, but everyone stood in the rain and watched the business and organization floats and fire apparatus drive by anyway, getting soaked in the process. Children ran for the candy that was thrown out and I came home with my purse packed with what the children had collected.

We joked as the dark clouds came in over the town right before the parade started, that people would later say, “And that’s when the tornado touched down and all the pick up trucks and cows were sucked up inside.” Thankfully, that never happened and the parade went on as planned.

During the week I became obsessed with designing a book cover for my next book. I’ve worked with Photoshop before and really felt I could pull it off if I simply kept pounding away at it.

In the end I decided on this one:

But I also designed this one:

What I’m Watching

Yesterday I watched this video after reading a blog post written by the singer. I really encourage you to read the blog post and then watch the video and be ready to be kicked in the cut and wrenched in your heart while also inspired.

My husband and I have been watching Yellowstone. It’s a hard show to watch. It’s not something I would usually watch but I am a big Kevin Costner fan. It’s violent and depressing but somehow its easy to get caught up in the lives of the characters.

I also watched a movie called Ondine with Collin Farrell. It was interesting and different. It was about an Irish fisherman who pulls a woman out of the ocean. The fisherman’s daughter needs a kidney transplant and decides the woman who was pulled out of the ocean is a selkie, a mythical creature who is magical for those she meets. The woman is anything but mythical, as they will soon learn, but she does help a family come together in an unconventional way. The characters are pretty dark and the low of the low, but somehow I found myself rooting for them anyhow. It sounds like I was in a dark mood this week, but I promise I wasn’t.

I also watched the 10th Generation Dairyman, which I mentioned in my Randomly Thinking post. I am a bit addicted to this YouTube Channel about a dairy farm in Lancaster, Pa. (by the way, to pronounce Lancaster properly, say it fast and leave the “a’s” out. You’re welcome.

This week I plan to watch Episode 6 of The Chosen which will premiere on YouTube and Facebook at 9 p.m. Wednesday night for 24 hours and then be on their app.

What I’m Writing

Last week I wrote a blog post every day. This week I most likely will not. I have edits to do on Harvesting Hope and two advanced readers copies to read.

Blog posts I wrote included:

Was Pa Ingalls trying to always find something better, or was he trying to provide for his family?

A new season of flowers

Randomly Thinking: I am socially awkward. Surprised? Yeah, me either.

Fiction Friday: Harvesting Hope (formerly The Farmers’ Sons) Chapter 16

Special Saturday Fiction: Harvesting Hope Chapter 17

Flash Fiction: Strike it Rich

What I’ve Been Listening To

I’ve been enjoying the Unashamed podcast with three of the men from Duck Dynasty (including matriarch Phil Robertson).

That’s my week in review. What have you been reading, watching, listening to, writing, or doing? Let me know in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Bookends: Unconvential shows and movies, dairy parades, and new book covers

  1. That dairy parade sounds fun! Were there cows in it, like real cows?

    And how fun you got to see the magician. I am sure he was surprised by what Little Miss said. LOL. I feel like I might have watched Ondine. Maybe. No. I watched The Secret of Roan Inish. I love a selkie story. Oo watch Song of the Sea! It is a cartoon and it is beautiful.

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    • There were a few cows in it, but much less than I expected. Just one local farm walked her cows. Cows can be a little unruly at times, I suppose, so maybe that’s why they didn’t have more cows. There wasn’t even a band, which I thought was odd.


  2. I do like both of your book covers. Yeah, we live in an area that still has small town parades too – matter of fact they will happen this week in one nearby community that has a carnival every year. There will be a farmer’s parade (all tractors), a firemen’s parade (firetrucks and marching bands), and a family parade when families dress up in costumes and make their own floats. Small town America at its best & I love it. I too watched that video of the singer and also read her blog post on Ann Voskamp’s blog and BOTH of them made me bawl like a baby. What an amazingly positive woman Nightbirde Jane is.

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  3. The dairy parade sounds like fun! At least it’s something different to do to get out of the house for a while. Things are still cancelled around here. 🙄
    I love the book covers you designed! My favorite is the 1st one but they’re both really good.

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  4. As I was reading this I kept making mental notes on things to comment on, then after 3 mental notes I realized I wasn’t going to remember without going back and rereading, lol.

    I know Carol Ashby! Well, not KNOW her know her, but she’s active on a book agency blog I follow and I’ve been reading her comments for years and following a bit of her journey. Nice gal.

    After reading Pegg Thomas’ “Embattled Hearts” and “In Sheep’s Clothing” I preordered “Sarah’s Choice.” I love her writing.

    What a great parade. That horse is so chill, with all those containers on the flanks!

    I read the blog post, watched the video. What an incredible, inspiring, heart wrenching story. I’m following her blog now. Powerful stuff.

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    • You will love Sarah’s Choice then. It’s a little tougher of a subject matter in the beginning but necessary to the story.

      That horse was very chill. A lot was going on with the thread of a storm and fire trucks and all the kids running for candy.


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