Sundays are for family

Sunday’s are family day and usually reserved for spending the afternoon at my parents, about an hour away. 

If we’re actually moving like we should, it’s church and then afternoon lunch and naps with mom and dad (grandma and grandpa). Well, it’s nap time for some members of the family because Sundays are when Miss G decides she doesn’t need a nap and would rather follow “pop pop” around to see what trouble he, she and J.G. can get in together. 

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and after a dinner of beef brisket cooked by Grandpa, J.G. was chased off digital devices and outside to play. He asked Grandpa to play catch so Grandpa went all out and actually found baseballs and gloves.

This left me with my Mommy Goggles on and chasing the two year old out of the way so one of the very hard baseballs wouldn’t hit her in the temple and leave her unconscious and on the way to the hospital. Yes, this is how a mommy’s brain often works.

Once Grandpa realized playing catch was irritating the wrist he recently had surgery on, Uncle Bryan took over and Grandpa walked Miss G to see the blueberry bush and apple trees that are starting to bloom.

Uncle Bryan and Aunt Kim visited this week, which happens mainly in special occasions because they live further away from our parents than than us in the big city of Wellsboro, Pa. Bryan is my brother but I try not to tell a lot of people. (Heh. Heh.)

Miss G used to be afraid of Uncle Bryan, but now he’s someone she likes to smile at and pretend she’s being shy with. This visit she peered at him around a corner on the front porch and said “you okay, Uncle Bryan?” After he assured he was and was simply enjoying reading a book on the front porch, she came back in the house and said, with a shake of her little head, “I hope uncle Bryan okay.”

Uncle Bryan said later that not only did the exchange with his niece impress him but his nephew also thanked him for playing catch with him and then stopped, turned around and said, “I love you.” It was apparently a heart melting moment and I wish I had witnessed it, but if I had I probably would have just cried.

Miss G was too excited that day to take a nap and instead burst into tears halfway home and begged me to hold her, which I couldn’t do since I was driving. She passed out hard about ten minutes from home and stayed asleep when her daddy carried her into the house, which is a rare occurrence.
We ended the evening curled up in bed and I fell asleep at 9:30 , the earliest I’ve fallen asleep in probably a year. It was a nice ending to a day that didn’t start out very nice after Miss G decided she didn’t need to sit in her car seat. That exchange is a story for another day.



10 on 10 August

I recently took a social media break and have been thinking a lot about why I photograph in the first place. While thinking about that, I also started thinking about some of my favorite photos and why I took them. I photograph to document my family’s life more than to impress anyone so I thought for this month’s 10 on 10 I’d feature ten of my favorite photographs from this summer and share a little bit about why they are my favorites.

This is part of The Bloom Forum’s 10 on 10 blog circle so after you visit my post catch the link at the bottom for the  next photographer on the list.

I love how free my son is in this moment. He truly was that joyous about running through the sprinkler during a heat wave that hit our area. I love the way the water fans out around him as if it is celebrating too. 

This was a particular hot day and my husband and I were stressed about many different things but we didn’t let our stress stop us from driving an hour north to Ithaca NY for a small Shakespeare festival and to see the lake. This photo includes my three favorite people, my husband, son, and daughter.

I have an entire series of the kids playing together at the creek on this day but I love this image of my son throwing a rock in the creek with his sister looking on. Do you remember when all your responsibility included was throwing stones in a creek? I wish I had appreciated it more back then!

My son found a way to make running through the sprinkler even more fun..making mud after the ground is wet and trying to touch mom with it.

I have several of my daughter playing with water but this one of her beaming while she plays with the hose makes me smile because she was genuinely having a blast.

I had to share one of my son at the splash pad at a local lake and swimming pool near us since it has been our favorite place to visit this summer. I love the way the water, which falls from a bucket above, is falling all around him.

I love the expanse of the sky here in contrast with the smallness of the boy against the field. The clouds were dark that day but we never actually got any rain, even though the local farmland really needed it. This property is owned by a neighbor of my parents. 

My daughter was in the kitchen while I was trying to cook and she was wreaking havoc as usual, pulling things out of drawers and putting aluminum foil around her like a towel but then she paused and the sun hit her just right and I started photographing her in the light in one of her rare moments of pausing in her destruction.

I love this photo of my daughter because this summer was when her attitude- I mean personality- really started to show.

I love this one simply because of how relaxed my son was on a very relaxed summer day.

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