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Looking back at January

I thought I would share some photos from the month of January. I haven’t committed to a 365 project, but I almost take a photo a day anyhow. These are simply some family documentary photographs from our month,… Read More

Stuffed Friends

Water play


Featured Jul 3, 2017 just photos, Just the Photos Ma’m Pennsylvania photographer, child photographer Upstate NY, child photographer pennsylvania, Athens PA photographer, New York State photographer Lisa Robinson-Howeler Comment Jul 3, 2017 just photos, Just the Photos Ma’m… Read More



Things Good Photographers Do….Apparently

I’ve noticed recently, from what I see on Instagram and Facebook, a few things that good photographers (apparently) do: Make sure there is sun flare in every single photo they take and if it isn’t there add it… Read More

Sass . . .| Ithaca ny photography

What to Capture: Tips for photographing baby showers

This is part of my weekly post, What to Capture, where I give you ideas what photographs you will want to capture at an event or family gathering to be sure you document the day for your memories…. Read More