Boondock Ramblings

Because sometimes it’s okay to not be happy your kids are growing up so fast

You know what’s really annoying? Having to say what a blessing it is to watch our children grow up. I see it all the time in the photography world. A mom-tog (not a bad term in my mind… Read More

Her little face | Elmira, NY Photography

This photo was taken by sitting the camera at an odd angle and not even looking into the viewfinder because I couldn’t get into the position I needed to get the shot I wanted. If I start Yoga… Read More

His boyness is still there | Sayre, PA Photography

He’s changing so fast and I’m not ready for it. He’s not dressing up like superheroes as much as he used to. He’s not asking if he can wear a ninja costume to the store. He’s not jumping… Read More