10 on 10 for March. Also known as my favorite photos from February and March so far

I am so ready for spring that my brain has literally gone into a sort of hibernation that involves denial that it is still winter and we will still be getting snow and ice and cold days that require large, puffy winter coats and knitted hats. If someone says “did you know we are getting snow tomorrow?” I look at them like a deer standing in the middle of the road, entranced by headlights. 

I’ve fallen deep into researching my family on ancestry.com so that has helped to distract me from the fact it’s still winter, but it’s put a bit of a halt in my photography, which is why this month is simply a collection of some of my favorite photos from February and the beginning of March. Included is a couple of shots from my farm project. 

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Her love for worms knows no bounds. Not even painting them.

Little Miss still has a soft spot for worms. She found another one in the garden as I pulled out the last of our bizarrely formed carrots from the now defunct garden.

She cradled it in her hand, talked to it and tried to take it in the house. Then she set him down to paint her pumpkin and decided he’d look nice colored bright pink. And while she painted I told her I thought he’d be happier back in the ground.

She agreed and kept painting while I dropped the now motionless, bright pink worm in the hole where the carrot had been. “Sorry,” I told him. “She meant well. She just loved you a little too much.”

I thought he might have moved a little as I placed some dirt over him.

Hopefully he made it.