His boyness is still there | Sayre, PA Photography

He’s changing so fast and I’m not ready for it. He’s not dressing up like superheroes as much as he used to. He’s not asking if he can wear a ninja costume to the store.

He’s not jumping off the couch quite as much. He’s too into TV and the digital world. I’m already hearing a heavy teenage-like sigh when I tell him it’s time for a computer break. 

He doesn’t play as hard or do the wild things he used to quite as often.

But it’s there. . .  Somewhere under his sly grin and smirk, his crazy boyness, if that were a word. At a moments notice he’s jumping on a board and striking a pose as Iron Man or Spider-Man. Suddenly he’s tugging off the polo shirt he wears to school and making it into a cape.

There is my little boy. 

I haven’t lost him yet.

Favorite images for the week | Elmira NY Family Photography

It was a fairly typical week with some unusual adventures. I don’t have many photos of the unusual adventures for this week’s weekly favorites, but I do of the typical, everyday life.
This is my view much of the day and I like it. My daughter is often clinging to my leg, especially if it is close to nap or bedtime. I love looking down and seeing the top of her cute little head and her chubby fingers holding on to the leg of my pants.




My son spends many afternoons in his Lego room, which used to be our second living room. Over the years it somehow became his room to build Lego creations. And the Legos keep adding up too. Now that he has a little sister he gates the room off and has made it his little haven. In addition to his Legos he also houses his art supplies, which is sister likes to throw around the room if she gets the chance._DSC0033

My son had a sleepover with his friend and while a trip to the doctor for his sister wasn’t in the plans, it was fun to explore downtown Elmira after the appointment.



Grace likes to wait for her brother after school and her latest favorite place is in the front seat, grasping the steering wheel.


Her first word might have been daddy, but I think “dog” was a close second. Here she is following ours. She loves this little, old dog. She hugs him and leans her head against him as he licks her face.


I hope I can keep her as interested as she is now in vegetables. Here she is stealing lettuce out of the fridge.