Boondock Ramblings

Because why not? How children remind us we are free

She is drawn to mud puddles like a moth to flame. Like a horse to water. Like a fly to poop. Like me to chocolate. She was drawn to it that day and I let her – even… Read More

Denial is the first step to not admitting we’re in the toddler years

I wasn’t ready for it, I’m not going to lie. The attitude. The firm shakes of the head and the cry of “no!” The folded arms. The tantrums.  The deep scowls and body flops to the floor. She’s… Read More

A Father to the Fatherless

My husband grew up without his dad. The reasons why are complicated and that’s not my story to tell. What is my story to tell is that I grew up with my dad, who is supportive and loving… Read More