The Story Behind the Photo | The Struggle | Athens, Pa. Photographer

This part of my weekly series, The Story Behind the Photo where I tell what was happening prior to or during one of my photos and my reason for capturing it. 

This week I am sharing a photo I’ve titled The Struggle.

My daughter was about nine or 10-months old here. She was already walking and trying to climb but I wasn’t very open to her climbing a set of bleachers at our local park on her own. I couldn’t get to her fast enough so I asked my son, about 9 years old here, to grab her and help her down. It was close to nap time and my daughter is stubborn and doesn’t like being told no so being forcibly removed from somewhere she wanted to climb did not sit well with her. I chose to capture this image because I wanted to document the real moments of growing up – the good, the bad and the learning experiences. I chose black and white to focus the viewer on the emotion of the moment, removing distractions of colored shirts or backgrounds.

Do you have a photograph with a story ? Feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog post about your story in the comments. You can find last week’s The Story Behind the Photo HERE.