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I have three books currently for sale:

One is a short ebook called “Visual Reminders for a Mother’s Heart” and it can be downloaded via Blurb as an eBook.

My first novel, ‘A Story to Tell’, can be downloaded as an eBook on Kindle, or as a paperback or it can be downloaded as an ebook on Barnes and Nobles (it can be delivered via email or on Nook).

A New Beginning is on Amazon in both ebook and paperback form and on Barnes and Nobles in ebook form.

What people are saying about “A Story to Tell”:

I purchased this book this morning and have finished reading it this evening! It was such an intriguing story, so real-to-life. I love this author’s style of writing. I was hooked on the first page and could not put the book down throughout the entire story. I wish wayward teens could all read this, that they might learn from one young girl’s mistake and be spared the heartache that Blanche had to endure. I highly recommend this book.



A well written story and the pace of the book moved right along. I will be looking for more from this author.


Really enjoyed this book looking forward to reading more from her. Lisa Howeler well done and I hope your busy writing.

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