The Spring of Cary Grant

Last summer I watched Paul Newman movies I had never seen and dubbed it the Summer of Paul.

This spring I plan to watch ten or eleven Cary Grant movies and call it The Spring of Cary.

The idea to watch Cary Grant movies came when I was looking up a particular movie of his for another reason and realized how many of his movies I haven’t seen.

I decided I needed to remedy that as soon as possible.

So, for the months of April and May I will be watching the following movies and posting reviews of them on Thursdays.

Houseboat (April 6 )

The Awful Truth (April 13)

My Favorite Wife (April 20)

An Affair to Remember (April 27)

Holiday (May 4)

Operation Petticoat (May 11)

Suspicion (May 18)

Notorious (May 25)

If you want to join me in watching them, let me know. I plan to watch one and blog about it and then mention in each post which movie or movies I am watching next.

Until then, here are trailers for the first three movies I plan to watch.

18 thoughts on “The Spring of Cary Grant

    • I have two on DVD and I was going to look for the others on Streaming (I know they are there) but then I thought maybe my library might have them so I am going to look there first.

      There are two Cary Grant movies on YouTube, and of course I didn’t pick either of those for this list. His Girl Friday is hilarious and a favorite of mine:

      and People Will Talk, which I haven’t seen:

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