Saturday Afternoon Chat: Dog grooming, visit to a museum, and annoying cold thwarts our plans

I’m back to peppermint tea this Saturday for our afternoon chat.

I’m glad you could come for a visit. I really needed some adult conversation after a week of mainly being inside and working with children. Okay, one child. My eight-year-old who isn’t a fan of homeschool right now.

I had planned on adult conversation yesterday during a homeschool gathering, but Little Miss woke up with a sore throat so that was out. I spent my day trying to get her to eat despite her sore throat, writing a little, doing a little bit of school work with her, doing some dishes, cooking dinner, and only talking to adults online through Discord.

It isn’t that I like being super social. I can take about an hour or two of being social with other people and then I’m good for a few more days, sometimes a week.  

On Tuesday the kids and I traveled 45 minutes north to have Zooma the Wonder Dog groomed. While we waited for her, we visited the local library, which has a museum of local artifacts upstairs. To turn the day into a little bit of an educational field trip, the kids walked upstairs to visit the museum.

Little Miss and I have been studying Native American culture and history so it was fun to see some actual Native American artifacts that the museum has.

She was more interested in the fossils of animals they had, however. That and the star fishes and shark teeth.

The building was built in 1897 by Jesse Spalding in honor of his son. He asked for the building to become a library and museum.

It was renovated in 1927 but as far as I know, the marble staircases and impressive high windows are the originals. There is something both comforting and creepy about the building. I don’t know how to explain that.

Like most libraries these days, they have a permanent book sale out front, and I couldn’t help picking up a couple new books – a cozy mystery and a Christian fiction book by Bodie Thoene.

After we picked up Zooma we headed to the playground, which was packed since it was the first nice day our area has had in weeks. That may be where Little Miss picked up this little virus she’s got going on now.

Zooma and I wandered in the parking lot while The Boy and Little Miss played on the playground equipment.

Thursday it was raining so we didn’t do anything, and we were grounded again yesterday because of Little Miss’s sore throat.

I felt like I was washing dishes and cooking meals all the time this week, which left little time to write blog posts or read or even work on my latest book. I hope I will have more time for all those things next week, since, so far, we don’t have any big plans.

It looks like our plan to see Jesus Revolution tomorrow might be canceled because my parents were going to watch Little Miss for us since The Boy is staying at a friend’s house.  I don’t want to expose my parents to something that might be mild for Little Miss and major for them.

For now we will plan to stay home and watch movies like we did today. Little Miss said the movies we watched were too dramatic and after I cried through Brave she said, “well, I’m proud of you. You’ve had an emotional breakthrough.”

Hopefully we will all be well by Friday because I am looking forward to going to a book sale at a library near us.

Because I need more books I’ll never read. Ha!

So how was your week last week? Any big plans for this week? And what are you drinking while you was this? I have a list of teas I want to try thanks to all of you now.






4 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Chat: Dog grooming, visit to a museum, and annoying cold thwarts our plans

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  2. This week started out amazing, as I was still on my little “break”. I love my kids, but I’m not loving going back to the same old routine, especially with my stomach acting up for a good portion of the week. I also found out that my neighbors – the ones that I have the most “adult interaction” with, are probably going to be moving in the next couple of months. I’m actually quite upset about this. The one sliding door on the minivan quit working – a cable that pulls it snapped – but luckily it’s a known issue with that model and under warranty. It was actually quite fun to hang out with my toddler at the car dealership while they took a look at it. She loves McDonald’s, so I got that at the drive through, and went to the dealership and they have a really nice waiting room with tables and everything, and I think she really enjoys having lunch with mom. 🙂 It’s snowing (a lot) today, but the weather was pretty nice for the rest of the week, and the kids got to spend a good amount of time outside.


  3. I’ve been on an Earl Grey kick this week. Something about that tea is so soothing to me, plain or with a little almond milk. And your Little Miss cracks me up with her observations! It’s a good thing that humor helps these endless days of winter pass a little more easily–at our house too! ❤️❤️


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