Randomly Thinking: Horses with gas, new haircuts, David Hasselhoff in Berlin.

Last month I mentioned Knight Rider and David Hasselhoff but forgot to share with you this awesome video of David singing in Berlin the night the Berlin Wall came down. Did you know that he is beloved in Germany? Well, he is and after hearing some of his songs, I think they should keep him.


A representation of my son’s new haircut.

Hey, at least he got his hair cut.


This is what the news is like for me now:

Politician complains about other politician and then other politician tweets rude comments about another politician. Wash, rinse, repeat.


A horse farting. I don’t know what else to say.


I sent this message to Erin @ Still Life, With Cracker Crumbs earlier this month:

You know that whole thing I was doing to keep posting because WordPress was telling me I posted so many days in a row? And I thought I could get to 15 days in a row? Well, apparently last week when I re-shared something on my blog they decided that wasn’t a real blog post or they lost count or something because now they say I only posted three days in a row. Gasp! I have posted 14 days in a row! 14, WordPress!!!!! Give me my little award thing!

Like, whatever. I don’t need them. I know what I did and I know that I am….well . . .

A loser.


Republicans and Democrats have had one thing in common for the last two presidential terms – almost every day they could answer the question of “Did you hear what the president said” with “Oh gosh what did the idiot say this time?”


You know it’s been ridiculously cold in your area when you look at the weather app on your phone and say “oh, it’s 25. That’s not so bad. Maybe we don’t need three blankets tonight.”

It is 1 degree while I am writing this and this morning when my husband when to work at 8 a.m. it was -6.


My husband bought me a huge, soft blanket for Christmas last year. This blanket is so big our family of four can sit on the couch and be covered by it. This winter I have loved sliding under it and rubbing my feet against its softness. Focusing on how good and soft it feels has helped take my mind off the trials of life many times. Do you have something like this in your life? Maybe a favorite sweater, coat, or pillow?

Those are a few of my random thoughts for this week. How about you? What are some random things that happened to you recently?

7 thoughts on “Randomly Thinking: Horses with gas, new haircuts, David Hasselhoff in Berlin.

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  2. I agree with Erin; a haircut is a haircut! My son has only gotten his hair cut once since before the pandemic started, and only to cut off a couple of inches. It’s like pulling teeth, but at least he looks cute with long hair.

    It’s in the 70s and upper 60s where I am, and we consider that cold! I’m absolutely certain I’d freeze if I lived where you do, or never leave home until it’s back in the 70s, haha.

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    • My son looked cute with longer hair but he was finally sick of pushing it out of his eyes. Of course this haircut still leaves him pushing it out of his eyes but — well – whatever. Ha! It looks really good actually.

      One day this week it was -7 and todays windchill advisory said it would get to -10 windchills.

      Luckily we are supposed to have higher temps this week – you know – like in the 30s or 40s

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      • Haha, teen boys sound like a lot of fun! I’m still waiting for my son to get tired of pushing his hair back, but first I have to wait for him to learn how to push it back in the first place. Right now, finding things like toothpaste, rice, and candy is normal and disgusting.

        Brr! I’m a popsicle just thinking of how cold that must be! When I lived on the East Coast, I always did hate the windchills with a passion that, unfortunately, never warmed me up. Even 40s sounds positively dreadful! I hope you stay warm!

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  3. What the Germans see in the Hoff, I don’t know but I do remember that about him. As always, I enjoyed your randoms. And gee whiz, Word Press, cut the girl some slack! By the way, we are in the deep freeze too; it was -3° here this morning.

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    • We had -7 yesterday morning! 😩😩

      Yeah – I worked hard for that 15 posts in a row badge and they stole it from me!! Might try it again but not right away. I don’t have that many blog posts ideas in my head yet. I’ll have to make a list 😉


  4. I bet his hair looks pretty cool! And a haircut is a haircut! Win-win!

    I remember that about the hoff. And I agree with you. Lol.

    I am such a sensory person – I love stuff like you described with the blanket. I love the sound of hot tea or coffee being poured in a mug (my husband didn’t believe me that there is a difference in sound until I proved it to him. Then there was even a study I showed him later about it lol) that clean sheet feeling after a shower when the room is slightly cold then you get all warm and cozy, my new warm and soft slippers.


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