Randomly Thinking: Vengeful deer, I’m addicted to maple syrup, ‘drug deals’ in church, and other odd thoughts

Welcome to my weekly Randomly Thinking post where I share random thoughts that pop into my head throughout the week. Enter at your own risk.

  • Sometimes I get up in the morning and I straight up drink out of the maple syrup bottle like I’m kicking back some whiskey (which I don’t drink). I’m not going to apologize for that. It makes me feel very Canadian. And fat. It makes me feel fat. But I’m okay with that. It’s worth it for the taste of maple syrup.

I’m having the worst run of luck with books and movies lately. They start out well but crash and burn either in the middle or right at the end, making me feel like I’ve wasted my time. It’s made me a little gun shy to try anything new, but if I don’t try new books and movies, I could miss out on a good one. It’s a catch 22.

  • I’m watching a show about the dead letter office in the post office. Part of the time the letters can’t be delivered because the address of the addressee is smudged and sometimes it is because the post office messed it up. It’s odd to see a show admit that the post office can mess things up in a day and age where we are being told the post office could never lose anything. Ahem. Moving on…One of the biggest things that bothers me about the show is how they essentially ruin lives and shrug it off for the most part. Sometimes they have guilt and I understand they are trying to get the letters or packages back to the owners to make up for the errors but in the last one I watched, a man’s son died and he never even had a chance to talk to him because the post office lost a letter his son sent to him. Had he got the letter, he could have seen his son before he died. I still like the show, however. That’s my only complaint and concern, which I can overlook for the sake of the story, but less so if it was real life.

  • As a woman who is getting older, I recognize when I have a “hormone shift” by how fast I cry over things other people probably wouldn’t cry over. My cycle is irregular these days, thanks to getting older, so the calendar isn’t always a good judge of when “Aunt Flow” is coming. What is a good judge is if I cry when my husband says things like “This year will probably be his (our son’s) last year to go trick-or-treating. He’s a teenager now.” Without warning I ended up sobbing while trying to peel and apple for our daughter. Good grief.

  • My husband is pretty sure the area deer are out to get him after he hit that doe with his car last week. We don’t know if the deer made it or not. My husband said she hit the front of the car, rolled up onto the windshield and the roof, and kept going. Somehow the roof wasn’t damaged. He had to drive our van to an assignment later that week and on the way back he looked to his right at an intersection (a middle-of-the-nowhere intersection) and saw a group of doe just watching him. Last night he was on his way back from the store and our neighborhood deer (these are the does who walk through our backyard a couple times a week) were standing in the street, one of them just watching him as he paused to let her cross. Another one had darted out in front of him on the way home earlier in the day, after he got his car back (with the new windshield). He’s definitely feeling like he is in the crosshairs of the local deer. He said it made him feel like this clip. (I do not condone the language in the clip, or the show itself, of course. I’m sure anyone whose been reading this blog knows Family Guy is not my type of show, but if it is yours, that’s okay.).

  • I use a certain season salt from Redmond Sea Salts that I just love but a couple of months ago I couldn’t buy it on Amazon anymore. It felt like the toilet paper crisis all over again. I even went to their site. The salt was out of stock there. I couldn’t imagine there had been a rush on salt during lockdown but since people are cooking more at home, maybe there had been. Anyhow, last week the company had the salt in again so I ordered a couple of canisters to make sure I can have it for awhile. Now that that issue has been resolved we have to figure out why we can’t find paper plates anywhere anymore. I told my husband to load up on the toilet paper just in case. By the way, I am purposely not telling you which season salt it is. I want to be sure I can get it when I want it again. *wink*

  • All the leaves are almost off all of our trees and I don’t like it. I don’t like naked trees. I prefer they put their clothes on. That’s right. I’m that big of a prude. Plus I know it means snow is right around the corner.

  • Is the actor on Murdock Mysteries wearing eyeliner? I believe he is.

  • When Erin at Still Life, With Cracker Crumbs mentiond she was watching Sherlock, it reminded that I think Benedict Cumberbatch is the best television Sherlock. The best television movie series (from the 1980s) Sherlock is Jeremy Brett. Both portrayals of him explored his darker side and his opium addiction and were acted by superb, high quality actors.

  • Due to a variety of factors, my family and I haven’t been in a real church in a pretty long time. My son’s impression of the service we attended a couple of weeks ago went like this: “First you had the guy who kept repeating himself to get the service to last until noon (he didn’t), then you had you and Grandma doing a drug deal with her trying to give you money (it was for a book that a member of the church had bought), and you trying to give me whatever snakeoil you had in your purse (it was essential oil and I was trying to help him wake up by sniffing it.).”

These are my random thoughts for the week. What are some of your random thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

13 thoughts on “Randomly Thinking: Vengeful deer, I’m addicted to maple syrup, ‘drug deals’ in church, and other odd thoughts

  1. Lol at you drinking maple syrup straight! Whatever makes you happy though! I am not allowed to use it, I turn into a messy three year old and get syrup everywhere. It’s weird.

    And the deer taunting!! Hopefully they are just trying to intimidate and don’t step up their game.

    We are loving the Cumberbatch Sherlock. We might have to increase how often we watch it though, I am not sure I can wait all week for one episode at at at time. Lol.

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    • I hope the deer tone it down some too!

      And Sherlock is very addicting. The only issue is that the episodes can take your brain on such a ride you have to take breaks so your mind can recover.

      We still never watched the last episode for some reason. My husband has it on DVD.

      I’m the same way with honey that you are with maple syrup. I get it all over – that and yogurt — I don’t get the yogurt thing but I can have a small dish and the next thing I know it’s on my hand and then somehow my shirt and pants and the floor and — yogurt is my nemesis.

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      • We do that all the time with shows! Lol. I am not sure why we leave ourselves hanging. We are loving Sherlock so much. And I treat myself to Haribo Cherries which are my favorite on Sherlock night, so bonus. 🙂 Lol.

        And lolol at you and yogurt!!! Honey, yeah that gets me too. I am not good with the sticky stuff I guess. Why is food so tricky?


  2. Oh my goodness!! You crack me up!! The getting older stinks though! Laughing from the deer taunting, to the sea salt all the way to the end describing church service😂❤️
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

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  3. Well… after watching “Tiny House World” (I think that’s the name) I keep thinking of life decisions as three options: the overpriced but more spacious one with the deck, the on- budget and full-of-character choice, or the outhouse that someone put a bed into.

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