Sunday Bookends: Old houses, contemplating personal errors and finishing books

What’s Going On

This week the weather was either humid or raining, with a couple of very nice days thrown in the middle. Despite the nice days, I accomplished pretty much nothing most of the week. I didn’t visit my parents. I didn’t finish cleaning out the flower beds (but I did at least start). I didn’t finish a book (although I almost did).

I didn’t see the bear that I’ve been looking out my window for for two weeks, apparently missing her and her cubs by a whole ten minutes on Thursday. Argh!

I did, however, clean out part of the area under the fence that I just found out we own so that I can put some mulch there and maybe later plant some flowers.

I did, also, take my daughter on a short walk and find a possibly haunted house down the street. It’s pretty creepy looking in the daylight. I’d hate to see it in the dark.

I also cut back some of the roses and photographed them some more before they all fall off and leave me.

And I did bury my potatoes in some dirt to see if that helps them grow some more or . . . yeah, I have no idea. I watched a gardening show from Ireland and they said to do it. I like the Irish and trust them, so, we’ll see what happens.

I also contemplated all my personal failures over the years, including some of the weird complaining posts I shared here on WordPress that made me sound like even more of a drama queen than I am.

Then later in the week I noticed how different it is to live on a hill when a thunderstorm hits than in a valley between two rivers. When we lived in the valley we were somewhat sheltered from the thunderstorms but here we hear the rumbles and watch the storm clouds roll toward us. My daughter looks at me with wide eyes when it thunders now because thunder wasn’t as loud at our old house. Sometimes it is like we are closer to the sky here and maybe we are since our hill is pretty tall. I looked up last night and saw this huge cloud hanging what felt like right on top of me. Oddly, no storm came from it — just a few haphazard rain drops.

What I’m Reading

I’m still reading Wooing Cadie McCaffie by Bethany Turner and I am really enjoying it. Will Whitaker and Cadie have been dating for four years and when he doesn’t propose like she thought he was going to she decides it’s time to end it. Will, however, doesn’t want to end it and wants to find a way to win her back again. It’s a really funny, cute book so far.

I started to give up on The Knife Slipped but have pushed through because the story is starting to intriguing me (even though I got totally confused somewhere in the middle) and I love some of the lines.

“My mind was a warped lens projecting a distorted image on the screen of my consciousness. I knew it was the end. I one way I didn’t are. I’d absorbed too much of a beating to want to fight back. My bruised body only wanted rest. Physically, I was licked. Mentally, I wasn’t. I wanted revenge. I knew I was going, but I wanted to take this guy with me. I found myself wishing my skin was stuffed with nitroglycerin, that I had some of way of exploding myself and taking us all into eternity.”

I’m a couple of chapters away from finishing it (and may have finished it by the time this publishes.)

Hopefully I will start the cozy mysteries I have lined up later this week.

What I’m Watching

I’ve been watching Hart of Dixie and during some episodes I feel more brain cells dying, but I still enjoy it.

I’ve also been watching Somebody Feed Phil. This is a food/travel show staring Phil Rosenthal or created and wrote Everybody Loves Raymond. I was sad to see that there was only five episodes but maybe there will be more episodes later. Phil’s delight when he eats food is so fun to watch.

What I’m Listening To

I’m listening to the songs that have been put out by Needtobreathe for their new album, even though I have to admit it’s weird since one of their founding members just left the group. It doesn’t feel like the same band, but yet it does. I still like the new songs.

Photos from the week

So how was your week? Let me know in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Bookends: Old houses, contemplating personal errors and finishing books

  1. I would totally fix up that old house, it looks like a huge project though. Also, muddy hands are the best. I love that photo of your daughter’s messy hands. I can’t believe how green it is where you live. We don’t get that here in the desert and I am missing a good old thunderstorm right now. My husband watches Somebody feed Phil and he was really happy to see a new season was up that he hadn’t seen yet. I am also, as always, behind on all the many projects I keep adding to my already full plate of life’s projects. And on top of everything else my mother-in-law is back to her old tricks so it has been a very stressful month. I would love to vent about it in my posts (might still do it) but I understand what you mean as coming across as a drama queen which that is not it all, just a good old healthy vent with people that you can actually relate to. Seems like we all have the same story to tell, well, most of the time that is. Have a great week, thanks for sharing your beautiful photos with is all and God bless you and yours as always.

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  2. I want to ramble through your neighborhood! Although I don’t want to run into the bear. That house looks awesome, and your photo like a book cover for some ghost story book, where a woman inherits the house and restores it and finds some sort of treasure/secret. I kind of want to explore that house too.

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    • It’s going to be crazy hot this week so we won’t be able to ramble our neighborhood this week, but I do want to go see that house again. I’ll lose all motivation once temps hit 89, though. And if you did ramble this neighborhood, it won’t take long. It’s insanely small. lol.


    • My husband said the same thing. He said it is probably awesome inside. I’d love to know the history of it. I think I’m going to go take some more photos of it later this week. During the daylight. And from far away.

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  3. Need to Breathe is one of my favorite groups, too! I’m obsessed with the British Baking Competition. I’m finding TV and movies fraught with such “yuck” that my selection is so reduced!! I’m reading a wonderful book about cooking that reads like a novel and I find myself looking forward to reading it. I have immersed myself in organizing and I feel somewhat accomplished. But I am feeling sort of like I’m floating through these maudlin days Of thunderstorms and sunshine. Lol.

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    • I have watched the British Bake Off in the past but not recently. I’m also struggling with the yuck of TV and movies and social media and … well, life lately, so I’m burying myself more into books lately. Which book is about cooking? I might like to try that too. Anything to distract from this crazy world.

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      • Kitchen Counter Cooking School by Kathleen Flynn. She knew Julis Child. She went to the same cooking school in France. She also wrote “The Sharper Your Knife,the Less You Cry.” She makes me laugh, and I’m learning! Yay! I will find my list from a friend of good books that are clean. Enjoyed some already. I’m a kindle gal! We go to bed and read at night… giving up more and more media!! Hang in there!!! ☦️💜

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