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Adults waking up: “Ack. Man. Why are the lights on?”

Almost 5-year old: eyes open immediately, she looks at her parent and says, “When I’m older I’m going to be an animal rescuer. I’m going to rescue pandas and crocodiles.”

Adult: “Wha- Okay? I need coffee before I can even talk…”

Almost 5-year old: “I’m going to rescue crocodiles from flash floods. Crocodiles can get stuck in floodwaters and then their eggs can’t survive in a flood so I’d have to rescue their eggs.”

Adult: “Where’s the coffee pot?”

Almost 5-year old: “Last night I had a dream that I was hugging a panda. I hugged it, like this, and it hugged me back. It was sooooo cute. Have you ever hugged a panda? I think it would be so cool to hug a panda.”

Adult: “But … you just woke up. How are you already speaking so much, so fast … ”

Almost 5-year old: “I’m going to get breakfast! I am going to have French Toast sticks for breakfast! And maple syrup and then I’m going to play with my playdough and my unicorn and my lions and . . . ” voice fading down the stairs.

Adult: ……….



10 thoughts on “How adults wake up versus how almost 5-year olds wake up

  1. mothertherealist says:

    This describes my 8-year-old. 😀

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    1. It’s both fun and exhausting 😂

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  2. Wish I could bottle up some of that 5 year old energy for myself. I miss that age with my kids, they are so adorable at that age.

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    1. Adorable – most of the time, yes. 😉 I definitely need that energy! To keep up with her!


  3. rosesatdawn says:

    Hahaha! YES! 🙂 My eyes aren’t even open and they are already talking a mile a minute it seems like. God Bless!


  4. Love it, so true! God bless you all!


  5. Michelle says:

    Haha!! So true!! Now that mine is almost a teen I miss when she used to talk to me. 🤔

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    1. My son is almost a teen too so I get it. :/

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