Summertime, so far, in photos

We haven’t done anything very exciting so far this summer, other than my husband starting a new job and our family looking at houses in the area where he’s now working. We have had some nice family time with my parents, especially on the Fourth of July, and my son helped my dad install a pool at his house and start construction on a new shed.

I thought I’d share a collection of photos from our summer so far since I haven’t shared a photo post in a bit.

What are all of you up to this summer so far? Or winter, if you are “down under”? Let me know in the comments!


15 thoughts on “Summertime, so far, in photos

  1. Hahaha!! No that makes sense, I get what you’re saying! I’ve probably had it seven years or so and keep thinking it’s getting old and that’s why my pictures are looking grainy etc…but maybe I just need to play around with it more, adjust different settings..

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    • Actually – the grainy photos may be because it is getting old. That can happen when digital cameras get older. Plus, the crop sensor cameras don’t really allow you to push the limits as far as low lighting or far distances go and it’s possible your skills have grown beyond a smaller framed camera.

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      • Ok sweet, good to know because the grainy-ness makes me crazy!!! I’m not ready to shell out 500 plus bucks right now haha so I’ll continue to settle for the iPhone for a while longer lol

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  2. Wow!!! What gorgeous photos!! Looks like fun times! Are those from a phone or camera? I’ve slacked on photography lately, used to take photos as a hobby but haven’t found the time lately.
    I especially love the pictures of grandpa, great ones to cherish.
    Our summer has consisted of a trip to Germany for my husband and I to visit a foreign exchange student we hosted a few years ago, raising up a few litters of baby bunnies (more like a science experiment for the kids really lol)…a bit of camping…and lots of relaxing because when school starts in a few weeks it’ll be full throttle again 🥺

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    • The photos are from a camera – Nikon d750. Thank you for the nice words!

      That trip sounds awesome. I have a friend in Germany who was an exchange student to our school but we’ve lost touch since her husband died. I really need to try to look her up again.

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      • To explain – I mean that the camera can seem like crud but when you put a little creativity behind the photos, the type of camera doesn’t matter. Does that make sense? I was trying to say “just go take photos and you’ll surprise yourself! Have fun!” Good grief – I think my other comment sounding offensive, but that’s not how I mean it! Hahaha!

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  3. Great photos! We haven’t done anything, either. We went to see the local fireworks, but missed the other ones we go see every year because of bad storms. The most exciting thing we’ve done this summer is work on remodeling the house. Oh, and I got to clean and do laundry and cook. I’m sure you’re jealous. hahaha!! 😀

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