My plan is for Monday’s to be for my “Tell Me More About. . .” feature. These posts are a chance to share about a variety of topics, from interviews with people, about places, activities, events, and concepts, for example. Since I didn’t have one lined up for this week, I thought I’d share a link to my past features and issue an invitation for you to suggest people, places, objects or events I can feature. Suggestions do not need to be local, as you will see from my past features. I love to feature artists and farmers and every day people who simply do everyday things. The sky really is the limit with Tell Me More About . . . With the main goal really being to widen all our horizons and highlight some of the more positive or interesting aspects of life.

If you have a suggestion for the feature you can leave me a comment on this post or email me at or you can contact me via my contact form at the top of the page.

Here are the links to the series so far:

Tell Me More About . . . Mina Mimbu, photographer (feature photo is hers)

Tell Me More About  . . . Jason Wheeler, chef

Tell Me More About . . . Mark Bradley, farmer 

Tell Me More About . . .Niki Boon, photographer

Tell Me More About  . . . Maria Hoover, artist and mom

Tell Me More About  . . .  Engelbert Farms

Tell Me More About . . . Deb Frisk, homeschooling parent and mom

Tell Me More About  . . . Sven Berger, photographer

Tell Me More About . . . Lisa Hurst, writer

Tell Me More About . . . D’Vine Vineyard



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