When families laugh together

When I was a kid she danced around her room and recited Anne of Green Gables and sang songs from musicals as if she was on Broadway. The funniest moments were when she did it while sleepwalking.

In junior high, we both wrote dramatic, slightly melancholy romantic short stories and shared them with each other and cringed at the idea anyone else would see them.

She was elegant and charming and pretty. And for that reason, we honestly, didn’t roam around with the same crowd once we hit high school. I was never elegant, charming, or pretty, which isn’t meant to put myself down, it’s simply how it was.

I didn’t enjoy the small town limelight she stood in as she found her footing amongst the popular drama clique that ruled our tiny high school, and I never would have wanted to.

I was introverted, hid behind books, baggy clothes, a journal or a sketchbook, later a camera, and didn’t mind the lack of attention. In fact, I preferred no attention at all.

She had (and still has) a beautiful voice that needed to be showcased and I’m so glad it was. Even though we didn’t “hang out” in high school, in the strict sense of the word, I still made sure I attended her productions so I could watch her talent grow.

We managed to maintain a friendship over the years, despite her moving away, so when her youngest sister contacted me and asked if I would photograph their family I agreed immediately.  That youngest sister was the first baby I’d ever held so to see her, and all three of the girls, grown, with beautiful smiles still, and being wonderful mothers was worth the detour around flooded roads to get to their parent’s house.

It was so special to see their families full of joy, happiness, and laughter, to know they’d grown up and that life, though I’m sure not always perfect, had brought them so many blessings.

It is these sessions, when families laugh, that make the frustrations of running my own business worth it.


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