We are holding on to the last drops of summer here, especially since most of August we were drenched from the continuous rain.

We usually visit a local campground near us two or three times a summer but this year we’d only visited once before severe humidity, flash-flooding producing rain and a summer cold hit us. In previous visits my daughter wasn’t interested in the small splash pad they have there, but this time she ran in and out of the water and giggled each time the water dropped and came back up again.

DSC_0386DSC_0283DSC_0440It was fun to watch her have so much fun with it. It was also fun for my family to laugh at me when one of the fountains sprayed me in the back unexpectedly while I was wearing my regular clothes and photographing Little Miss darting in and out of the streams of water.

Since we are homeschooling this year we didn’t feel as rushed to hurry up and cram in as much as we could once the sun came back out and before the school bus arrived.

We drove by my son’s old school on the second day for students there, on the way back from a day at the pool, and I felt a rush of excitement at the prospect of a new way of learning and experiencing education.

I remembered the tight knots that used to draw up my stomach each August when I knew my son had to go back to school and I would see less of him throughout the day. I briefly felt the old feelings again before a refreshing feeling of relief rushed through me and I began to think about the opportunities we’ll have with homeschooling and the local homeschooling group.


Also unlike previous years I don’t feel the rush to plan as many activities for the last week before school starts. While there are some activities we won’t be able to enjoy once the weather gets colder, there are others we will be able to take time off from school work to do, days out at the playground, hikes, and visits to area zoos or museums. Many of these activities can, and will, count as educational field trips throughout the year. Flexibility is one thing I’m looking forward to with homeschooling.


Since we can start school when we like, as long as we fit 180 days in before June 30, we are giving ourselves another couple of weeks to enjoy the warmer temperatures and visit some local attractions, including an animal park in Upstate New York that’s home to the giraffe everyone was waiting to give birth a couple of years ago. Incidentally, she’s pregnant again, if you didn’t know.

So to savor these last drops of summer I think we’ll take it easy, except that one planned field trip, and we will drink some lemonade, visit my parents in the country, maybe go fishing at my dad’s pond (which we haven’t done yet either this summer), and simply enjoy these carefree days before we have to be a little more intentional about how we spend our hours.


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  1. Pictures are beautiful as usual. I wish I could really just take a couple of extra weeks to enjoy warm weather, but alas, we have been in school for three weeks now. Enjoy every single second of your remaining summer vacay!!


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