Quick note just to let you know that the hope*writers opened their doors to new members today! This is a writing forum/learning site that I have recently joined and am learning from!
This community is dedicated to the success and creativity of each member.
It truly seems to me to be the friendliest place for writers on the Internet.
Not only that, they also know how to get some serious work done.
Every week they offer live training for their writers, bringing members behind the curtain to ask editors, agents, authors, and other publishing professionals the questions you want to know.
Here are some of the people who have served the hope*writer community in the past:

  • Ann Voskamp (author, NYT bestselling author of One Thousand Gifts)
  • Lisa-Jo Baker (author, Never Unfriended)
  • Marion Roach Smith (author, The Memoir Project)
  • Mark Lane (cover design, Tyndale House)
  • Melanie Shankle (NYT bestselling author)
  • Mike Kim (marketing consultant)
  • Rachelle Gardner (literary agent, Books & Such)
  • Ruth Chou Simons (author, Gracelaced)
  • Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith (author, Sacred Rest)
  • Seth Haines (author, Coming Clean)

All of these conversations are available inside right now inside hope*writers (and each week they add more!)
Hope*writers provides the training and guidance you need to become a working writer without losing your mind.
They are committed to standing in the gap with you, giving you the tools and perspective you need to share your words without feeling like a cartoon.
So if you’ve ever wanted to write a book, grow your blog, or get your words out of your head and into the hands of a reader, this is the best place for you.
That’s the good news.
The bad news is hope*writers is only open for new members until this Friday.
If you feel like you’ve outgrown Google, ditch the robots and find your writing people! Learn more and get signed up today right here at Hope Writers.
P.S. There is a special limited bonus (they will send in the actual US Mail) for the next few people who join hope*writers. Click to join.

Also, tonight there is a webinar hosted by author Emily P. Freeman (A Million Little Ways). Click HERE to RSVP for that as well!


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