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This is part of a monthly blog circle where we feature ten of our favorite photos from either one day or simply ten recent images we have taken. Find the link to the next person in the circle at the bottom of this post.


Well, winter continues in Pennsylvania. The cold. The snow. The slush. The cold. Did I mention the cold?

Yeah, so it’s been cold and this week we were hit with a “snow storm” that actually turned out to be only about 5 inches of snow.

Well, combined with the two inches we got a couple days before it was about 7 inches total this week.

My family and I are definitely looking forward to warmer weather, but the kids had some fun in the snow while we wait.

To continue the blog circle, click on Penelope’s post at PK Photography.

7 thoughts on “10 on 10 February: Pennsylvania Winters

  1. Nikki Gould says:

    These are so much fun!! I wish we had some fun snow to play in. We’re just stuck with cold and rain. Snow would be so much more fun! I just love all of your images!!


  2. Penelope says:

    You make snow look so good, Lisa! Beautiful set of images that I am sure you will look back on with more joy once you are warmer.


  3. Shea says:

    Wow, such a great series of the fun to be had in the snow!


  4. Love these wintery images! Especially the one of the girl in the door. Great captures


  5. Jessica says:

    Love it! I’m definitely missing the snow this year!


  6. You made the most of the cold! Love all the colours!


  7. Anna Hurley says:

    Great photos Lisa. Love the one with all the snow flying, so fun.


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