10 on 10 for January

Good light is hard to find in our house at any time, but it’s even worse in the winter. Luckily there seems to be one or two pockets of light to be found in at least a couple locations in our house. For this months’ 10 on 10 I thought I’d share ten images taken in those pockets of light. This post is part of a monthly blog circle. To continue the circle, following a group of photographers all sharing ten images from either a theme or a day or simply the previous month, follow the link at the bottom of this post.

To continue this blog circle visit Nikki Gould’s beautiful work!

9 Comments on “10 on 10 for January

  1. Beautiful Lisa. You did an amazing job using those pockets of light! Love them all. And your new puppy is absolutely adorable.


  2. Lisa, these photos are just delicious! I love your use of light and dark and how it carries through the 10.


  3. These are so great! Pockets of light and deep shadows are my absolute favorite!!


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