Mo, Class of 2018 | Waverly, NY High School Senior Photographer

Morgan wanted to have her photos taken in a more urban setting and suggested The Commons and Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Since I’m slightly familiar with the area I was game, but have to admit I’m not a city driver and though I enjoy visiting it, I don’t really want to ever live in a city. Not the case for Morgan, though, who told me Ithaca isn’t big enough for her. When I arrived she knew what types of backgrounds she wanted for her photographs and displayed a degree of confidence I know I didn’t have at that age. 

I absolutely loved exploring the urban setting and finding new backgrounds around every corner and down almost every alley. Honestly, I could have spent another hour or two there if it hadn’t been for getting lost twice and feeling a little overwhelmed by all the people crowded into one space. I know, I know. If I can’t handle Ithaca, I’ll never be able to handle a big city like New York. This is not lost on me. Nor does it make me feel proud that all the buildings induced a feeling of claustrophobia within me. 

But if I was asked to photograph a high school senior there again, I’d do it in a heartbeat. The unique and fun views and backgrounds are enough to attract this artist and make me forget that I’m simply not a city girl.

Thank you, Mo for pushing me out of my comfort zone.