Photographing families in their own environment | Athens, Pennsylvania photographer

I’ve heard it said that if you have a dream you should speak it out loud.

I have a dream that sounds self serving but I’m speaking it anyhow.

I want to photograph families in their homes and capture the real moments of interaction.

There, I wrote it and when I wrote it I spoke it out loud.

Photographing people in their homes is a hard sale anywhere but especially where I live. It’s a hard sale because, I guess, people worry their house won’t look nice. They don’t want to clean or worry about cleaning and if they have photos taken with their family they want to do it the way everyone seems to – standing and posing next to a pretty tree or two, in a field or by a fence or a waterfall or – somewhere staged, you know? Somewhere life looks good and perfect and without wrinkles.

But sometimes, life is good and perfect even with the wrinkles.

So I am offering Family At Home Sessions this year.

Families at home.

Maybe your family is you and your children.

Maybe your family is you and your dog.

Maybe your family is you and your husband or you and your wife.

That’s who I want to photograph.
Sessions don’t have to be held in your home, they can also be held in your backyard or your front yard or wherever you make memories.

Try something unique and different.

Do you want to learn more? Then contact me or see the details page and we can talk about a new, fun, real experience in family photography.