10 on 10 September: the summer that went too fast

Summer flew by before it even started it seems.

Suddenly here we are in September and the weather is letting us know to prepare for winter as temperatures are dropping. I completely missed the 10 on 10 in August but I’m glad to be hosting one for September with a great group of photographers. This is a blog circle so you can follow each post to the next, each one full of beautiful photos and stories. See the bottom of my post for the link to the next person. We are also open to new members in the coming months so if you  want to participate,  find our group on Facebook .
This month I thought I’d share some photos from summer’s end, or our last couple of weeks of summer when we tried to cram in as many outside  activities as we could.

On this day we headed to a state park in Ithaca, N.Y. and visited a large waterfall. I blogged about this day in a post called The Doom And Gloom Park Ranger And The Kindness Of Strangers

We visited a favorite campground with a pool and some friends before school started. My daughter and a friend’s daughter like to hang on the fence around the  pool and small splash pad.  I have a similar image from the same spot last year. 

For the rest of the summer we mainly spent time in our backyard, enjoying the warmer and longer days.

We also enjoyed time at my parents in the country, tasting blueberries off my dad’s blueberry tree and eating  watermelon.

Be sure to continue the circle by visiting Anna Hurley’s post.



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