What made me smile this week

What made me smile this week is a weekly post inspired by Shane Burcaw of Laughing At My Nightmare. Shane has muscular dystrophy and operates an amazing non profit that raises money to help people with disabilities purchase much needed equipment to make life easier. Check out the original and best version of this weekly feature on Shane’s blog. ….

What made me smile this week:

Sunday: My son and dad played baseball in my parents’ side yard and dad built barriers to keep the ball from rolling down the long hill in front of their house. I hit a couple balls off my son, my daughter practiced her swing, and my dad laughed while he tried to get my son out a couple of times. Dad has been battling Lyme and it has wiped him out during many of our Sunday afternoons. Seeing him be able to run and laugh made me smile.

Monday: My daughter decided she had to carry four or five stuffed animals with her to my son’s karate class. I thought she was going to leave them in the van, but instead she insisted she carry them all into the building and then set up the chairs in the  play area in a circle for some kind of stuffed animal group session. “It’s OK,” she told one of the little stuffed puppies. “You’re safe inside the circle.” When I told my brother this he asked what I’ve been letting her watch. My answer was “just cartoons.” Apparently I need to keep a closer eye on the cartoons she and my son watch. Later in the day she also burst my bubble by telling me stuffed animals are “just toys” and don’t have feelings. It made me cry. But then it made me smile.

Tuesday:  I don’t remember much making me smile this day, other than I drank lemon balm tea.

Wednesday: I found an old sketchbook from five years ago. It reminded me of when I used to sketch to relax and not care if the sketches were perfect. The simple movements of creating was enough to help me forget my troubles. It made me smile.


Thursday: My son didn’t have school the next day so we stayed up late and didn’t even care. Late nights and no schedules make me smile.

Friday: I learned more about the power of prayer through a movie called War Room. And I started a prayer journal. The movie made me cry. The journal made me smile.

Saturday: I took some photos of the neighbor’s sweet family and enjoyed watching them interact and laugh and enjoy each other. It made me smile.

What made you smile this week?