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Spring has finally started to come to the area with some warmer days, though you wouldn’t know it the last couple of weeks with all the rain and chilly temperatures.

We’ve been able to get outside and explore more and more, which is a welcome break from being stuck inside watching cartoons (my daughter is newly obsessed with a South Korean created cartoon called Tayo the Blue Bus and it is severely annoying.) or playing video games (my son’s main obsession.)

The only drawback to the warmer weather is my children expect an outing every day after school, which can often make dinner, homework and then bedtime late. Still, the lateness is worth it if it is a full day of fun and some sun, which seems to make almost any day better.

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4 thoughts on “10 on 10 for May

  1. Anna Hurley says:

    Great photos Lisa 🙂 Sacrificing dinner and bedtime routines it worth it for all the sunshine!


    1. That’s what I say, Anna! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Bryan Robinson says:

    I like the pink flowers photo, although I’d probably be sneezing.


    1. I wasn’t, but my nose was stuffed.


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