Waiting for Spring

Spring is finally showing up and it’s welcome in this family, even though our entire family deals with the allergies that come with it, my son the worst. This year we seem to be doing well as the trees and flowers bloom, however. And the nice weather helps make it all better.

Winter seemed long in some ways, and not in others. Some health issues for me, the passing of our 13 year old dog, and the normal depression I seem to deal with each year when we receive less sunlight made the last part of winter a blur.  Then  there was that winter snow storm that came just when we thought spring was about to arrive.

Miss G is growing fast physically and mentally. She’s full of spunk and makes us laugh and pull our hair out at the same time most days. 

During a trip to the playground the other day she pushed me out of her way to get to the ladder for the slide and shouted “Get out of my way!”

I corrected her and said “we say, excuse me, not, ‘get out of my way.'”

She didn’t look at me but instead shoved at me again, gently, and said “excuse me, get out of my way!!”


J.G. is growing more mentally than physically, as he’s still small for his age, just like I was and his grandfather was. We’re not a family of giants, on either side.


We added a family member to the house before our Copper passed away, but she and he didn’t get a long and we had to return her to where she’d been living, outside my friend’s house, where someone had dropped her off.

After Copper passed away we welcomed her back to try to fill some of the void from Copper’s loss. It worked in some ways, and didn’t in many others. The first week here she followed us to bed each night, just as Copper had, and curled up at the foot of my son’s bed, just as Copper had, as we listened to a comedian before bed.

She’s a crazy addition and spends part of the night knocking my son’s Legos, pen lids, and pretty much anything she can find across our laminate.

Her tendency to try to crawl all over me and eat my hair at night has led me to close our bedroom door at night and then listen to her scream outside in the morning to be let in.

Despite some of her annoying behavior, it’s nice to listen to Pixel (the name we bestowed on the rescue kitten) purr when she curls up next to us on the rare occasions she lays down or stops trying to tackle our 18 year old cat, who has been glaring at us since we brought Pixel home.

Pixel likes to sit on the edge of the tub when the kids' bathe, but one day she's going to end up in there when Miss G pulls her in.

Pixel likes to sit on the edge of the tub when the kids’ bathe, but one day she’s going to end up in there when Miss G pulls her in.

Some day we will probably add another dog to this chaos that is our life, but for now, the house is Ok without one. It’s quiet. The old cat is enjoying her golden years, the kitten is getting used to life in a home with a family, and our hearts are still warm with the memories of our little Copper.