Finding the Life (January)

I am not a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning my house. I am not a perfectionist when it comes to cooking. My van is a disaster. My glasses have been scratched for two months and I still have not gone to the optical shop to get them fixed. 

So, why then do I feel the need for my photography projects to be perfect? I have no idea. When I decided to do this Day in the Life (also called Finding the Life) project a couple of weeks ago I knew it wouldn’t be perfect because I have to be mom, cook, pet caretaker and photographer all at the same time. Still, when it came to the day I had planned to document my day, I mentally berated myself for not charging my camera battery the night before and missing photos of my son getting off the bus. I also scolded myself for not reading the rules about taking one photo each hour of the day. I had decided I’d scrap those photos and start the project over again but as I looked through the images I realized they aren’t perfect but they do accurately represent most of my days. In fact, these dark photos without pretty light reflect my days during winter.

This day was a little more busy than most of my days, actually. For one, it was pay day and we needed groceries so the shopping trip was something we don’t always do. My son, usually not interested in organized sports came home a couple months ago and announced he’d like to try basketball, so we had his first basketball game, an activity that isn’t normally a part of our day.

Nap time is always part of our day but photographing it is next to impossible because my room, where my toddler naps, is literally as dark as a cave. In addition, Miss G likes to nap right up against me, not always the best position to photograph her sleeping. I used my cellphone to illuminate her while pushing the shutter with the other hand and hoping she ended up being in focus.

So I didn’t capture every moment or follow all the rules but there is always next month. Plus, perfection is not nearly as important as simply making sure our even mundane moments are documented because those are the moments when real life unfolds.

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My mornings start off with a toddler sprawled in my bed and not in the toddler bed where she is supposed to be.
My mornings start off with a toddler sprawled in my bed and not in the toddler bed where she is supposed to be.

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  1. I think the moments you captured are perfect! I love the one of her sleeping that you said was illuminated with a phone! That’s some serious talent!


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