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I was on a black and white kick this past month apparently, so my share for this months 10 on 10 are a selection of my black and white photos from August.

Follow to the end of the post to find the link to the next person in the 10 on 10 circle.

Visit Life with a Peanut and a Zoybean to continue the circle.

4 thoughts on “September 10 on 10 | Sayre PA photographer

  1. Elizabeth A. Shakhnovich says:

    Nicely done on the B&W’s! I’ve been meaning to do one 10-on-10 entirely in B&W, but haven’t gotten there yet. Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. It will be fun to see them when you do it!


  2. Tricia Bovey says:

    Lisa – these are STUNNING!! The portrait of your son, third one down, is wonderful! Such a wonderful set!!


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