Mini photography session/practical workshop offered for moms in Sayre, PA, surrounding area

Hey moms!

Are you interested in photographing your little ones, or even your older children, in a more natural, non-posed way, when a professional photographer isn’t available or simply isn’t in the budget? Would you like a series of professional images of your child at play at home, a local park, or in your backyard, simply being themselves while you are given some practical, non-technical tips on how to document the everyday life of your children for you and then to look back on as they grow?


Maybe you want to photograph the everyday moments of life with your children and you’ve tried but can’t seem to capture them the way you want. 

Then my Document Your Children’s Everyday sessions and mini workshops are for you. You don’t need a “fancy camera” to learn how to photograph your children, I promise.

Is the equipment you use important? Sometimes the answer is a definite yes but sometimes you can use whatever camera you have on you,  even a cellphone. While digital cameras with more pixels are best to reproduce your images as prints when you’re ready to print them (and you absolutely should), there are now plenty of phone aps that make printing cellphone images, either in book form, or as individual prints, easy and inexpensive.

My “Document Your Children’s Everyday” sessions will give you a series of professional, fine art style images of your child or children in everyday moments taken by a mom who has been a natural light documentary photographer for 20 years (mom for almost 10) while also providing you with in person advice on how to capture the same type of images on your own. The session will be similar to my What to Capture blog series, except I will go into more detail, show you in person how I photograph my own children, and you can ask me questions as we go.

Each session is up an hour and a half and no less than 45 minutes, giving us plenty of time to capture images of your children as they play or participate in an activity. Your children will not be asked to stop, smile or pose and if they aren’t up to a session that day we will reschedule for another day.


Sessions are best at your home or in your backyard so we can talk about the best way for you to photograph your own children in the environment you and they are used to. 

The session is $150 if held within 30 miles of Athens, Pa. A reasonable travel fee is assessed for sessions more than 30 miles from Athens.

The session includes:

  • all images we take together that day;
  • in-person advice on documenting your children through photography
  • time for questions and answers 
  • A packet of information detailing practical tips to photograph your children.
  • An online gallery for you to view and share your images as well as print high quality images of your prints. Print pricing is reasonable for these sessions to ensure you can purchase prints and digital downloads without breaking the bank.

Note: Technical advice on how to use your camera can be among the questions asked or covered but the main focus will be on composition of an image? working with your children to capture timeless memories, storing your images and where/how to print them. Because these sessions will focus on everyday moments they can be held anytime of the year and in your home. How to pose children or work with artificial lighting will not be part of the advice offered. 
To learn more about the session and how to book email me at, use the contact form on the left hand column on my site or call me at 570.423.3437.

Lisa R. Howeler is a wife and mom living in a small town located in northern Pennsylvania, less than a mile from the New York State border. She is a photographer, writer, chocolate lover, and one of those Jesus freaks your mama warned you about. Find her online at;; and Facebook,