Mobile Photography Monday | Tips for mom’s photographing their children

While I feel more comfortable capturing my memories on a larger camera with higher quality resolution,there are some days I know a moment has to be captured with whatever camera I have in my hand at the time. If it’s not my DSLR then it’s usually my cellphone, which is currently an iPhone 6s.
Each Monday I share my favorite iPhone photos from the week or weeks before. I do this to show you that you can use any camera to document your memories. I use Lightroom mobile to edit most of my iPhone photos. I also do this to encourage moms to create a visual diary of their children’s lives through photography. 

Don’t let the images merely sit on your phone, though. There are aps where you can print your images in books (Chatbooks, etc. ) or you can send them to your local drugstore or Wal-Mart to have them printed so you have tangible images as well in case your phone doesn’t back up and you accidentally drop your phone in the toilet. Not that I’ve ever done this. (My one year old at the time did it for me).