A house full of love | Laceyville, PA newborn photographer

It is a house full of life, of children, but more importantly it is a house full of love.

Five children, all under the age of ten, crazy, sweet, lively, grumpy, silly, precious.

One has lipstick smeared on her top lip and mom is wondering where she got it. The boys are darting in and out of the house. The baby hasn’t slept all morning and all the children want to hold her. The second youngest is into the Halloween candy again and her hair is crazy.

It is chaotic. It is confusing. It is noisy. It is messy and fun and real.

It is perfect because it is life in a house full of love.

Thank you to the K family for allowing me to photograph your latest arrival. She’s the perfect fit for your family.

Written by Lisa R. Howeler

As a writer, photographer and former journalist, Lisa R. Howeler writes a little bit about everything on her blog Boondock Ramblings. She self-published her first novel, A Story to Tell, in September 2019 on Amazon. She's a wife and a mother and enjoys a good John Wayne movie and a cozy Jan Karon book. She's also a freelance writer and photographer who is a contributor to various stock agencies, including Lightstock and Alamy. Her photography work focuses on documentary and photojournalism.
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