The Week in Focus | Sept. 20 to Sept. 27

The days sometimes seem long, but oh, they are so short in reality. How fast my littlest is growing, how quick she is moving. In two more days she is officially one. Someday I’ll have to write her story and how she was a very unplanned, but amazing surprise for our family, during one of the most inconvenient and dark times of my life. Her birth made me feel like Doctor Who, a soul with two hearts because they are both my hearts, as silly as that may sound. They are my hearts, walking around outside my body._DSC1913 9_27_15grace_sept_2015_DSC1777 9_24_15 _DSC2586 _DSC2559 _DSC2541 gracefeetgrandpa_DSC1939 _DSC2595_DSC2064 9_20_to_27_19_20_to_27_2_DSC1870