Whoops! | Rome, PA Child Photographer

_DSC8264Rome PA Child Photographer
I’ve been trying to get a photo of Gracie playing in this splash pad all summer long. The problem? She hates it and won’t play in the water. Instead she looks at it, seems interested, I put her down, she reaches out, changes her mind and then clings to me like a barnacle on a ship hull, and promptly cries.

It was our last chance. She was on the ground. She was next to her brother and that made her happy. I was going to get a photo. She was leaning in like she wanted to drink from the splash pad (ew! I wasn’t about to let that happen, but let’s just see how far this goes..) Yes! I was getting my photo!!

Then her brother stepped on one of the holes and up came the water into her face.

Tears, fussing. She hates the splash pad again.

Eh. Maybe next year.