10 on 10: Growing up fast…{Bradford County, Pa. Photographer}

He’s growing up so fast.
One moment he was a newborn in my arms and the next he is a laughing 7-year old, making my days brighter simply by his existence.

I am making the most of every moment we have together, alone, these next five months, because in October things will change, our dynamic will change. I know it will be a good change when we welcome a new member to our family, but it will still be a change.

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Written by Lisa R. Howeler

As a writer, photographer and former journalist, Lisa R. Howeler writes a little bit about everything on her blog Boondock Ramblings. She's a wife and a mother and enjoys a good John Wayne movie and a cozy Jan Karon book. She's also a freelance writer and photographer who is a contributor to various stock agencies, including Lightstock and Alamy. Her photography work focuses on documentary and photojournalism. She recently released her first novel 'A Story to Tell' on Amazon.
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