Winter. 10 on 10 for February

Winter. It goes on an on and on and . . . well, you get the “drift”
Being stuck in Northern Pennsylvania during winter is not always fun. It’s a bit of a drag really. The sun is limited and heavy cloud cover is prevelant. By February my depression is setting in and my motivation is non-existant.

To try to keep my motivation going I get involved in photography classes through The Bloom Forum and try to get outside even if it means in the snow.

This past week our area got hit with 15 inches of snow in about a 12 hour period, maybe a bit less. We expected at least 10 but this was a bit extreme.

A couple days later we got hit with a few more inches and decided to head outside for a snowball fight and some fort building, after some battle preparations with General Grevious and the Power Rangers of course. Then we capped the day off with a warm bath.

DSC_1417-Edit-210on10feb510on10feb410on10feb3 10on10feb2.


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7 thoughts on “Winter. 10 on 10 for February

  1. In South GA we don’t have harsh winters. We were lucky enough to have snow for a day 4 years ago. And we thought that we would be getting some snowfall a week or two ago…but we didn’t 😦 I wouldn’t want it to snow THAT much though 😉 I adore that bathtub shot!


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